The Plan-Smart Difference

A customizable high-tech solution

Alight's Plan-Smart solution is differentiated in the benefits and HR industry by our streamlined and comprehensive audit services. We offer objective and consistent services alleviating an internal need to establish technology and process. We protect your organization through third-party objectivity, which preserves employee goodwill.

Plan-Smart is focused on high-quality service and excellence. We provide performance standards, written guarantees and simple and easy-to-use Web-based reporting. Communication is critical to a successful audit and overall outcome; our process includes timelines and FAQs and response deadlines that you control.

Responsive and specific to your needs

Our customer service representatives are dedicated to timely employee response and our program is transparent. A call center, online FAQs, secure email inquiry support and employee phone outreach combine to provide the most responsive program specific to your needs. You have the ability to manage and control the process as much as you'd like. Plan-Smart examines 100 percent of your enrolled dependent population.

Industry leaders

Alight’s dependent eligibility system features excellence in:

Our process begins with a positive, customized introduction to employees and solicitation of necessary documentation. Our culture of outstanding service is reflected by our employee-focused customer service representatives.

Consistent objectivity

Transparent technology solutions ensure that you can see everything we do through a manageable process. The provisions of your SPD(s) control the evaluation of your dependent eligibility audit. Verification documents are scanned and entered into the system, a process that ensures consistent and objective assessment.

Each client has access to a Web-based utility to design and monitor the entire audit process. Your employees have access to a custom-designed Web portal that allows them access to audit status and the ability to ask questions, request information and update personal data.