About Plan-Guard

Preserve the integrity of your benefits plan

Ineligible dependents typically make their way onto your benefit plans at the time of a new hire, during a family status change or even at open enrollment. Plan-Guard Ongoing Dependent Verification Service assures that the number of enrolled dependents on your plans is a true reflection of their eligibility status.

Our flexible solution ensures that the verification process meets the specific requirement of your organization while minimizing your HR team's time commitment. Our goal is to educate employees about your company's specific eligibility requirements at the time new dependents are being considered for coverage.

Increasing your cost savings

Alight's extensive experience with ongoing eligibility audits shows that ineligibility rates are discovered at two times what is found during the initial audit. In other words, if your initial verification uncovered an ineligibility rate of 7%, your ongoing verification rate of ineligibility may be as high as 14%

Plan-Guard keeps employees from having to perform duplicative work to stay verified, and it reduces the need to repeat a comprehensive audit every few years.

Plan-Guard delivers significant financial results on an ongoing basis. Our program provides a customizable, high-tech solution that is objective, consistent, defensible and actionable.