About Plan-Smart

Effective, easy solutions to eliminate ineligible dependents

Our flexible solutions for initial and ongoing dependent verifications ensure that the verification process is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization, while minimizing your HR team's time commitment.

We identify incorrectly enrolled dependents, sometimes the result of a simple oversight and other times an intentional attempt to gain benefits for someone not entitled to coverage. Plan-Smart performs the verification work, removing an often tedious and timely task from your HR department's workload.

Significant return on investment

Alight's effective program helps ensure a maximum return on your benefit's investment by reducing future dependent costs—a significant savings—and by improving employee understanding of health care cost drivers.

Plan-Smart performs a complete audit of your entire enrolled dependent population. Only a complete audit (not the more commonly used statistical sampling) will ensure maximum return on investment and equally important, treat all employees fairly.

The cornerstone of the Plan-Smart process is a sophisticated, flexible determination engine that accepts documents submitted by enrolled employees and objectively establishes their dependents' eligibility.